Ways on How You Can Let Your Guard Down

07 May

People are supposed to value their relationships, but you can find that some keep disagreeing with every idea that is raised. This is a significant problem that needs to be addressed so that the relationship can be safe. It is crucial to know you can get to let your guard down despite the fact that to so many people this is quite hard. When you get to let your guard down you will not find anything hard to do for your partner even if the partner will be ridiculous and irritating.

When you keep defending yourself every time you have a disagreement that can affect a lot your relationship and that is why it is crucial to know the ways you can use to let your guard down and with that, you will let your partner feel loved. There are so many blogs that have been posted online by professionals on how you can let your guard down and some of the tips are outlined below and they will help you.

You are supposed to identify when the freeze response happens. It is important to have a deep understanding of your partner and in this case know the specific word that when used you become furious. This will help you learn how to control your emotions and also instead of responding you can opt to be silent so that you can save the relationship that you have. There is no need to keep arguing for nothing as that will not solve anything and instead, it can create drama and fight in a relationship but when you notice your freeze response it will be better as you will have control over your responses. Read more about releasing trauma from the body.

Whenever you have conflicts, the nervous system is triggered and can respond to anything ad that is why control is crucial. Get to know how you can mimic the freeze response using the body. In this case, you are supposed to follow your body parts where you can use to fight the fear that you are experiencing and that will help you fight the trauma. However, if you find it hard to do, it is an indication your past trauma is hunting you and it will be hard for you to move one.

It is crucial to seek consultations from experts as they will help you overcome the trauma and also aid you in how you can let your guard down in a relationship. Learn more on  how to let my guard down.

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